Board2ski presents smart ski bag

Bartzon BV, the inventor and supplier of Board2ski has created a ski bag that is different from a traditional ski bag. Where a traditional ski bag is characterized by a long zipper and two hand grips that can be fixed together by means of Velcro, the Board2ski bag is an almost fully closed bag with 2 zippers next to each other at the lower part of the bag. A long adjustable shoulder strap can be positioned on either the right or left side of the bag, depending over which shoulder you prefer to carry the bag. This way, the bag is very pleasant to carry around. 2 stainless steel eye rings in the bottom release any melt water from the bag when closed. The bag is made from ultra-robust fabrics that protect your ski optimally. Board2ski ski bags are produced by people in The Netherlands who have a distance to normal labour markets. This so-called social work environment contributes to [...]

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3. Ski school Sölden-Hochsölden adopts board2ski.

Following up the first ski school in Obergurgl Austria, that adopted boardskiing in their course program, Board2ski is proud to announce a next ski school that adopts boardskiing. As of this winter season, the ski school of Sölden-Hochsölden has adopted Boardskiing to her course program as well. Skischool Director Gotthard Gstrein sees opportunities to attract more customers with this new way of skiing. The Ötz valley in Austria is the first region in Austria that embraces Board2ski. She believes that innovations in the ski market will not only create opportunities for ski schools. It helps to attract new customers but also to position herselves as a progressive region that believes innovations can drive business. Board2ski, while evolution moves us all Boardskiing is a true combination of both boarding and alpine skiing. It's a new way of skiing that is initially characterized by "challenging but great fun".  Once you have gotten used to the limited correction possibility and balance that is [...]

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Board2ski is finding its way to markets

During the ISPO 2017, when Board2ski was presented for the first time, a broad variety of reactions from the crowd were received. Reactions varied from being “very curious” to “already knowing what it was… a monoski”. The Swiss outdoor magazine rewarded Board2ski with a third place in their top ten list of most remarkable products. “Boardskiing was not created initially to be positioned as a new way of skiing”, says Bart Zonnenberg. “I created a solution for a physics problem that I experienced when mono-skiing. When mono-skiing, it took a fair amount of energy to control and manage rotational forces during curves, which is logical as a mono-ski has a 100% pivot point because of your fixed feet. By automatically positioning both feet similarly to the positions that both feet have when turning during normal alpine skiing, the problem was solved”, Bart continues. Although scepticism is always presented by various people when something new is introduced, a significant amount of [...]

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Board2ski and Ski School Obergurgl join forces at ISPO 2018

During the upcoming ISPO Munich tradeshow, that is held from 28th till 31st January 2018, the Obergurgl Ski school in Tyrolia, Austria will join forces with Board2ski in order to promote the new way of skiing. The ski school of Obergurgl is not only one of the best ski schools in the Alps, she is also the first ski school worldwide that has adopted Boardskiing in her course program as of this season. Already in February 2017, the first 4 ski teachers of the ski school tried and tested the Board2ski way of skiing. By joining forces now during the ISPO Munich, the ski school presents not only her passion for innovation but also shows how she will respond to market demand already. Customers who will rent a board2ski, can take lessons in order to safely learn this new way of skiing. If you have an interest to learn more about boardskiing, visit us during the ISPO Munich!

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