Following up the first ski school in Obergurgl Austria, that adopted boardskiing in their course program, Board2ski is proud to announce a next ski school that adopts boardskiing. As of this winter season, the ski school of Sölden-Hochsölden has adopted Boardskiing to her course program as well. Skischool Director Gotthard Gstrein sees opportunities to attract more customers with this new way of skiing.

The Ötz valley in Austria is the first region in Austria that embraces Board2ski. She believes that innovations in the ski market will not only create opportunities for ski schools. It helps to attract new customers but also to position herselves as a progressive region that believes innovations can drive business.

Board2ski, while evolution moves us all

Boardskiing is a true combination of both boarding and alpine skiing. It’s a new way of skiing that is initially characterized by « challenging but great fun ».  Once you have gotten used to the limited correction possibility and balance that is required, the new sport will be enjoyed and provide an unparalleled light way of skiing, taking very little energy. Some early adopters have called it monoski 2.0. The middleware technology on a board2ski has removed the rotating challenge of a monoski and makes it very easy to make turns. Because of the higher position of the feet, there is also more momentum to put the ski on its edge and carve downwards.

Gotthard Gstrein in front of the Ski school