What is boardskiing?

Boardskiing is a new way of skiing. Boardskiing is done on one wider ski on which middleware technology has been mounted between the ski and the binding in order to take care of exact correct feet positions when making turns. Both feet are equally positioned when making turns as when skiing on two alpine skis. The ease of skiing on a board2ski is unparalleled. In addition to the low energy consumption needed when boardskiing, boardskiing provides a fantastic new experience of going downhill.

Boardskiing is one of the most elegant ways of skiing. Both legs are standing firmly against each other and making turns does not take lots of effort. An additional advantage of boardskiing is that it is a safe way of skiing because knees cannot be twisted. During a ride, the leg that is not stood at in a turn, is slightly bended which facilitates optimal relaxation of the muscles.