Bartzon BV, the inventor and supplier of Board2ski has created a ski bag that is different from a traditional ski bag. Where a traditional ski bag is characterized by a long zipper and two hand grips that can be fixed together by means of Velcro, the Board2ski bag is an almost fully closed bag with 2 zippers next to each other at the lower part of the bag.

A long adjustable shoulder strap can be positioned on either the right or left side of the bag, depending over which shoulder you prefer to carry the bag. This way, the bag is very pleasant to carry around. 2 stainless steel eye rings in the bottom release any melt water from the bag when closed. The bag is made from ultra-robust fabrics that protect your ski optimally.

Board2ski ski bags are produced by people in The Netherlands who have a distance to normal labour markets. This so-called social work environment contributes to the wellbeing of people who are eager and motivated to make the best products possible.

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